Whole Person Counseling provides individual, group, and couples counseling for adults and adolescents in and around Englewood, Colorado. In home and online sessions also available by request.

Your decision to enter therapy, addictions counseling and/or sex therapy is a personal decision and an opportunity to make new discoveries and increase your understanding of self.

My hope is that our professional relationship supports you through engagement in an atmosphere of confidentiality, safety, and trust. I accept clients who are interested in making life-changing discoveries and who are interested in personal commitment to finding the answers to their most perplexing problems.

I believe as people learn more about themselves and about how their past, stress, trauma, and environment affects them, they become happier and more satisfied with their lives. However, self-knowledge and the knowledge of how their past, stress, trauma, and environment affect them, may take a long period of time for clients to realize. Some clients may only need a few sessions, whereas others may require months or even years of therapy. As a client, you are in complete control and may end our professional relationship at any point. When therapy is successful, you should feel that life’s challenges are manageable without our support or intervention.

Scheduling Appointments:

Whole Person Counseling

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In-Home Sessions Available Upon Request | On-Line & Telephone Sessions Available Upon Request

I provide a flexible schedule to clients to accommodate their busy schedule. Counseling sessions are available Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., as well as appointments on Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

What To Expect During Your Appointment:

Whole Person Counseling in Englewood, Colorado - Office PictureAppointments are 50 minutes in length. Many people wonder why they are paying for an hours worth of therapy and only get 50 minutes of time with the therapist. Each one-hour appointment requires preparation time and follow-up time. As therapists are required by law to keep notes and records. During your 50 minute session, you will have your therapist’s undivided attention and the focus will be on addressing your needs. Please, be prepared to work together in therapy!

Substance and Mental Health Evaluation appointments are 60 minutes in length. Please, be prepared to arrive @ least 20 minutes early to complete the needed paperwork; thus, plan on an hour and a half for your evaluation appointment.

Rates & Insurance


  • $100 per 50-minute individual session
  • $150 per 80-minute couples sessions
  • $200 per Substance and Mental Health Evaluations ($250 for 3-5 Expedited Evaluations)

Sliding Scale Fee Available Upon Request

Payment For Services:
Payment for services is expected at the time the services are provided. I do not accept partial payments for services or “run a tab/account,” the full agreed upon amount is expected at the end of every session. My fees are very reasonable at $100 for a 50-minute individual session and $150 for an 80-minute couple or family session. I do offer a sliding fee scale for clients that meet my criteria, and fees start at $50 for a 50-minute individual session and $75 an 80-minute couple or family session and increase depending on an individual, couple or family’s ability to pay.

Substance and Mental Health evaluations fees are $200.00, additional charges may apply if the evaluation is needed in a short time frame (3-5 days), if the evaluation is needed within 3-5 days the fee is $250.00. I don’t charge extra for combination evaluations i.e. “a substance and mental health evaluation.” I can also design an evaluation to meet specific Court Orders, or requests from probation, parole etc… at no additional cost.

I am currently accepting Insurance as well ( more to come…)! 

  • Cigna/Cigna EAP

*The reason many do not want to utilize their insurance benefits for therapy and treatment, is that insurance companies and Medicaid require that when I make a diagnosis, that diagnosis enters your permanent health record. Many clients do not wish to have their mental health, sexual health issues and substance abuse/addiction information made part of their permanent health record. Additionally, many insurance plans and Medicaid do not cover issues related to sex therapy, addiction treatment, marriage, family and couples counseling.

*If a client wants to submit claims to their private insurance provider that we don’t work with, we can provide a “Super Bill” to the client for possible reimbursement of services rendered. Keep in mind insurance companies may, or may not, provide reimbursement for services rendered, or provide only partial “out of network” reimbursement for services rendered.

*Sliding fee scale is based on income level of the individual, couple or family and their ability to pay for services. As mentioned above I do not accept partial payments or “run a tab/account.”

*I accept all major credit cards, flex-spending cards, HSA cards, and cash for payment of services. On occasion, and with prior approval, I do accept personal, third-party checks.

Questions? Please contact me for further information.